Above the inscription on the tablet in Bristol Cathedral is a medallion of a portcullis surrounded by the word AGINCOURT, and surmounted by the date HI5. The reason of the word Agincourt being placed above the inscription in Bristol Cathedral is, that the Porter family were descendants of Sir William Porter who fought at Agincourt.

The earliest documented Porter for me is my great-great grandfather Benjamin Porter who according to the the 1881 census was born in Bristol in the 1850s. One day I’ll get to it 🙂


Endymion Porter (1587–1649) was an English diplomat and royalist.

He was descended from Sir William Porter, sergeant-at-arms to Henry VII, and son of Edmund Porter, of Aston-sub-Edge in Gloucestershire, by his cousin Angela, daughter of Giles Porter of Mickleton, in the same county.