This document contains a series of guidelines which are intended to assist a variety of individuals, from

development control officers, land managers, prospective developers, archaeologists, to metal detectorists and

other interested parties in assessing the impact of potential work on sites of historic battles or conflicts.

Wherever possible, examples have been given in order to illustrate each concept. This document contains

information and a series of proposals, which, if acted upon, will increase the potential evidence that can be

acquired from a field of conflict.

This document is not written as a manual of how to carry out battlefield archaeology, but simply as a guide to

the understanding of the discipline and the procedures that should be put in place if such sites are to be

investigated or potentially disturbed. However, a case study from the Towton Battlefield Archaeological Survey

Project is included so that an impression can be gained as to how such a project has developed.

It’s from November 2005 so some of the statutory, legal issues may have moved on but it’s an interesting read nonetheless

Battlefield Archaeology.pdf