(Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged.)


“When an ordinary Englishman, in the course of his reading, sees

mention made of Moravians, he thinks forthwith of a foreign land, a

foreign people and a foreign Church. He wonders who these Moravians

may be, and wonders, as a rule, in vain. We have all heard of the

Protestant Reformation; we know its principles and admire its

heroes; and the famous names of Luther, Calvin, Melancthon, Latimer,

Cranmer, Knox and other great men are familiar in our ears as

household words. But few people in this country are aware of the

fact that long before Luther had burned the Pope’s bull, and long

before Cranmer died at the stake, there had begun an earlier

Reformation, and flourished a Reforming Church. It is to tell the

story of that Church–the Church of the Brethren–that this little

book is written.”

History of the Moravian Church.pdf