From the Collonian MS. Cleopatra, Chap. 5, foh 59—64. (Relr. Review, 2. p. 518 J “Herqf- * ler floyon the names of the Captayns and Pety Captayns, with the Bagges in their Standerts, of the Aremy and Vantgard of the Kyng’s Lefflenaunt entering in to France, the l6th day of June, in the 5th yer of the Reigne of Kynge Henry VIII. 1513.

Derby. Banerett—Sir Henry Sacheverell bayryth goulls a gett Buk sylver, made Banerett at

thys tyme; and John Bradburn hys Pety Captayn. —— Robert Darley bayryth goulls halff a Buk gold and sylver per pale, the hornes conter

colerd de 1* une et 1″ auter, 3 barrs upon his nek, sabul unde or wave, issant owt of a

wrayth goulls and sylver; and John Parker hys Pety Captayn. Nich. Fitherberd bayryth goulls and vert a hand with a gantlett gryphon sylver stondyng

per pale; and John Irton hys Pety Captayn. Sir John Leyk bayryth sylver, a Peycokes tayll; and Thomas Leyk, hys brodyr, Pety

Captayn. The seid Sir John mad Knyght at Lylle. , Sir Thomas Cokyn bayryth sylver, a Coke goulls; and Robert Cokayn hys Pety Captayn.

The seid Sir Thomas mad Knyght at Lylle. —— Sir William Gresley bayryth assur a Lyon sylver passant, and gourds gold. John Gres- ^

ley hys Pety Captayn. The seid Sir William mad Knyght at Lylle. . Robert Lynaker bayryth gold, a Greundes hed sylver and sabul] quartered, the eyes

goulls, wyth iiij Scalops counter-colerd upon the same hed; and George Palmer hys

Pety Captayn.

. Thomas Twyfford bayryth sylver, a Lyon rampyng sabull with a flourdelys upon hys

shulder sylver; Roger Rolleston hys Pety Captayn. Sir John Sowch of Codnour bayryth goulls, a Faucon ‘splay’d syttyng upon a stok ragged

gold, and a cressent assur upon the faucon, and an Asse hed goulls rassed and haltered,

and a Grey (a Badger) in a tresse gold. Dave Sowch, hys brodyr, hys Pety Captayn.

The seid Sir John mad Knyght at Lylle. Raulf Leych bayryth goulls, a hand holdyng a Serpent, and the Serpent wrython about

the hand; and Richard Leych hys Pety Captayn. Arthur Eyr bayryth vert, a Leg or a Bott sylver and goulls partie per pale, with a spur

upon the helle gold; and Thomas Eyr, hys brodyr, hys Pety Captayn. i John Curson of Croksall bayryth a Cokatrice displayd, goulls with a hed in hys tayll, hysfette and hyg wattelles assur. Edward Cumberford hys Pety Captayn.