homas Curson, of Croxhale, co. Derby, armiger, was summoned 
by Robert Middilton for a debt of ^5 2s. 8^., and the plaintiff stated that 
the said Thomas had bought from him at Burton-upon-Trent on the 
22nd of October, 15 E. IV, 39 yards of woollen cloth of russet colour, 
23 yards and 3 quarters of black woollen cloth, 6 yards of cloth, murrey 
colour, 2 yards of red cloth, 4 yards of white cloth, 3 yards of tawny cloth, 
2 yards of green cloth, six pairs of breeches (" de braccatis"\ for g i8s. 2d., 
of which he had paid 4 i$s. 6d., and although constant requisition had been 
made upon him he had hitherto refused to pay the residue.