Extract: Michaelmas, 1 Henry VIII. [1509], is mentioned
as falling within the date of the account. 

[Fo. 3.] 

Item to my Lorde Prince foUe [^ fool] , , . . ii\.\d. 

Item for a gowne cloth to my Mr. of "London 

russett xxxvjs. xd. 

Item for a c. horiges [:= oranges] Yd. 

Item to Robart a [= of] Stabul whan he went with 

my Mr. gowne to the Courte . . . . . . Y]d. 

Item to the taylar for making of a gowne of blake 

velvyt to my Mr. . . . . . . . . . . ijs. i\\]d. 

Item for alf a 3ard of velvyt to the same gown vs. v]d.
Item for iiij ^ardis of blake frysse to the same 

gown iiijs. viijc?. 

[Fo. 5.] 

Item to my Mr. at WoUaton for the perdoner of
Burton Lazars [parish of Melton Mowbray, co.
Leicester] m^d. 

Item at Nothingham to the Frears \ii\d. 

Item for mendyng of a hie way in Asby [Ashby- 

de-la-Zouche, co. Leicester] \\d. 

[Fo. 6.] 

Item on Thursday, the Ascencion Day, for iij . of my 

Mr. servand dynners at Gresyn [=; Gray's Inn] vj(Z. 

Item for my Mr. pension at Gresyn . . . . xxd. 

[Fo. 7.] 

Item for a horse hames for my Mr. and the
coveryng wyth blak when the kyng was
beryed^ iiij«. 

Item for the copye of the proclamacion . . . . xxd. 

1 Henry VII died 21 April, 1509, at Richmond, 


[Fo. 8.] 

Item for my Mr. servande dynner whan the kyng 

remevyd to Westm[ynsterJ from the Towre . . vs. x<Z. 

Item to Mr. Gartar [= Garter King at Arms] . . vjs. viijr^. 

Item for makyng of my Mr. gowne of tynsill
satten iiij«- 

Item for viij 3ardes of blake satyn for my Mr. 

jakett nili. xijd. 

[Fo. 9.]
Item to the skynner for furring of my mistres gowne [blank]
Item for nue fur for the same gowne of bodge 

[= fur made of lambskin] xs. viijcZ. 

[Fo. 10.] 

Thies be the expenses made agaynst my Mr. marege. 

In primis for vij elne of holand cloth for my Mr. xiiijs.
Item for a quarter of blak velvyt for my Mr. . . iijs. 

Item for fure for my Mr. of ffunys^ iijs. m]d. 

Item for vij. -^ardis of satyn for my Lady.. ..xvijs. vjd. 

Item for a quarter of velvyt i]s. xd. 

Item for iiij. jardis of whyt coton ijs. 

Item for lynen cloth and aulettes^ iu]d. 

Item for ij. rownlettes [= runlets, small barrels] 

of sweit wyne xxjs. iiijd. 

Item for my costes, Antony and the carear . . xiiijd. 

Item for a garnych [= a set] of vesseU . . . . xxixs. vi]d. 

Item for a chavyng [= chafing] disch iijs. m]d. 

Item for a ladiU and a scomer xi]d. 

Item for nett f ett and oalvys fett viijc?. 

[Decayed portion.] 

Item for my Lord of Shrowesbery mynstrell . . vs. 

Item to Mr. Egerton mynstrel iijs. iiijrf. 

Item to Mr. Greslay mynstrel xxd. 

Item to My Lorde of Dudlai mynstrell . . . . xxd. 

Item to Dr. Vaisy cosse iijs. iiijd. 

Item to Mr. Egerton servand xxd. 

Item to Anthony for his costes to Wolloton . . vii]d. 

Item in almys ]d. 

Item at Horslay [Horsley, co. Derby] for horse 

meyt vjd.