MS. Ashmole 804, pt. IV ‘The Powell Roll of Arms’. Book of heraldry of the time of Edward III, English, c. 1345-1351.

Twenty-four shields with names written above each, in later hands. Page 18 has:160. Latimer. 161. Sire Gy Bryan. 162. Haryngtoñ.163. Gray, Codenore. 164. Gray, Wylton. 165. Sr Jon Gray, Rotherñfeld].166. Mohun. 167. Welle. 168. Sire Jon Hardeshulle.169. [Blank] Hountyngfelde. 170. [Blank] Coleuile. 171. [Blank] Basset. Page 19 has:172. Le Seinour Clyfford. 173. [Blank] Botyler. 174. Le sour Audeley. 175. Le sour de Lucy. 176. Le sour de Deyngcourt. 177. Sire Ad’ Eueryngham. 178. s’ Jon Thengayne. 179. Le sour Neuyle. 180. Barun de Greystok. 181. s’ Thom’ Rokeby. 182. s’ Jon Stryuelyn. 183. s’ Thom’ Outhred’.–Powell-s-Roll–?sort=Shelfmark%2CFolio_Page%2CRoll_%23%2CFrame_%23&qvq=q:codenore;sort:Shelfmark,Folio_Page,Roll_#,Frame_#;lc:ODLodl~1~1&mi=0&trs=1