Forge and Monument, Codnor. Archaeological Evaluation Report
Challis, K & Richards, G Nottingham : Trent & Peak Archaeological Unit, 2001, 29pp, figs,
Work undertaken by: Trent & Peak Archaeological Unit
The evaluation was undertaken in connection with a proposed development of an opencast coal mine.
Two sites were investigated by a combination of topographic survey and trial excavation. At site 4,
earthwork remains were associated with coal mining of uncertain date, but most were probably of pre-
19th century date and included at least 8 shafts and other associated though ill-defined earthworks.
Trial excavation suggested that the level of preservation of archaeological remains may not have been
high, as no structural remains were identified. At site 9 earthworks were associated with dumps of
waste material, probably from iron working or other high-temperature processes. The presence of burnt
brick, and sandstone (perhaps reused from Codnor Castle) may have indicated the remains of a
structure nearby, probably demolished in antiquity, as the brick seemed to have been reused as a
revetment. The remains were not precisely dated, but the brick indicated a date in the 19th century.
Given the location of the earthworks close to an already protected field boundary, and the presence of
an arbour of mature trees around the earthworks, it was suggested that the most appropriate mitigation
measure at site 9 would be the extension of the protection afforded to the  hedgerow to include the
earthworks and mature trees. [Au(abr)]
Archaeological periods represented: PM, U