I’m making some bends for a forthcoming show so did some reading on their provenance:

William Gregory: Henry VI soldiers in 1461 where “every lorde ys men bare hyr lordys leverey, that every man myghte knowe hys owne feleschippe by hys lyverey. And be-syde aIle that, every man and lorde bare the Pryncys levery, that was a bende of crymesyn and blacke with esteryge ys fetherys.”

“Aftyr that they were every lorde 
whythe hys retenowe, to the nombyr of x M 1 personys, redy as they 
alle shulde have gon to batayle in to any londe of Crystyn-dome, 
whythe bendys a-bove hyr harnys that every lorde schulde be 
knowe from othyr.”

Coventry Leet book:

“Also for xxv yerdes qusaier & half qtiaxter of grene & 
reede clothe bought to make bendes to the forseide C 
menne be yerde xviij d. St*mma xxxviij s. vij d. ob. & 
for the makeng of the same bendes iiij s. ij d. Summa,^ 
. Ande foralsomyche as the forseide Capeteyne 
ne the G menne at this tyme wenton not forthe for certen 
tydenges that wem brought, & also be-cause the kyng was 
remeued to London ageyne, & his purpose holde not, all 
the bendes, garment & pensell wem put & delyuerd into

the wardens kepeng.*”